Video SYSt3m version 31 update

Posted by DusX on 13 November 2011 | Comments

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UPDATE: New ALPHA version available for testing.

With over 30 versions of my video SYSt3m now passed I thought its time to introduce it to the world.
SYSt3m features:

  • 4 video players
  • Video Sequencer (see tutorial)
  • 4 video FX panels (2 with dynamic variable control, The FX are modular and can be any form of FX chain I like.. may also be a video Generator)
  • Live Audio Mapping (get the Free Isadora Actors used)
  • 1 Live Video input
  • 4 Wave generators
  • Midi mapping (currently setup specifically for the Akai MPC26, with modified midi learn for easy change)
  • DMX data mapping (output). Currently using the ultraDMX Pro and loving it!
  • Preset Mapping and Recall (using Isadora's great snapshot feature)
  • Full mapping of variable data to module parameters
  • 3 projector modules (video outs)
  • 1 Layer composition module (2 channel with blend + math operations)

So most all 'green' numerical displays are data maps, these variables exist on data channels and can be applied to inputs on many module panels.

Some of the soon to be added features include Video mapping (using some outstanding actors released by the Isadora community), 3D projectors, MANY additional FXs, OSC mapping with specialized features for controlling LightJams.