video FX of The Week #5

Posted by DusX on 19 December 2012 | Comments

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Week 5. Running a little late, so here we go.
This FX was created without a plan, just messing about with SYST3M. I tend to like abstract noise/textures, and this video has just the right mix of sci-fi, techno, and noise for my liking.

My only goal at the time of making the composition was to test the video IN and OUT for SYST3M, and I did..
I found a bug that turned up if the input was equal the output, so I put in place a test to block this from occurring.
Now used in all modules that have a video input as well as a video output. Modules that have only an IN or an OUT did not need the fix.

Like this, then you might be interested in SYST3M. What is SYST3M?
It's a video art RAD (rapid application development) toolset built in Isadora, the award winning media manipulation software. 
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