video FX of The Week #4

Posted by DusX on 6 December 2012 | Comments

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Week 4. I bring you a real gem. Not much to say here, this video is beautiful in HD 1080p. I am including a full resolution image clip below to show the actual richness this video contains.
I will be re-rendering this one soon with a smoother in out movement, right now its using a triangle wave, and I find it a little too sharp, so I am planning to change this to a sine wave. 
This video like many I produce started square. Why square? Because it is actually a perfect tile in all directions when square and can be used as an amazing 3D texture.

Full Resolution Segment

Full Resolution Segment

Rendered entirely based on noise, vectors, LFOs, and layer compositing, the resolution and sharpness of this video is fantastic, and I can easily render this out at 4K if needed.

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