video FX of The Week #3

Posted by DusX on 29 November 2012 | Comments

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This the third installment is the outcome of my experimenting with some new features provided in the latest pre-release of Isadora.
Using the new 3D output feature of the Isadora f25 pre-release, this effect was my first experiment with this new version.  It is generated entirely within Isadora using a 3D particle emitter that creates a starting point for a number of other effects (too many to list). 
My original render of this live effect was made at 1024x768 and looks fantastic. I will be rerendering this one at 1080p ASAP, however; rendering caused me some trouble, and actually caused me to submit a bug report. Just something small, and I am sure it will be fixed for the final releast.
This effect being very CPU intensive I eventually set Isadora to render at 1/10th the regular frame rate so that my quad i7 laptop could keep up.

Update on SYST3Ms development status:

  1. NEW SYST3M triggers [in testing]
  2. NEW SYST3M events [in testing]
  3. NEW Apply Mask as Alpha COMPLETE
  4. NEW LiveFeed Remove Background [in testing]
  5. NEW 2 universe DMX output support for DMXking ultraDMX Pro ,as well as; 1 universe ENTTEC USB Pro mode. COMPLETE
  6. NEW DEV unit. A patch placeholder with UI so you can add any custom patching into the flow easily. [in development]

What is SYST3M?
It's a video art RAD (rapid application development) toolset built in Isadora, the award winning media manipulation software. 
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