video FX of The Week #2

Posted by DusX on 23 November 2012 | Comments

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Now the second installment in this weekly post.
Again this FX was made with the presentation framework/toolset SYST3M which is offered FREE right on this site, however; this time I used a few freely available vj clips from VJ Fader. I believe there are 3 or 4 VJ Fader clips being mixed via SYST3M's 4 channel video sequencer, some delay was used on a clip or two, a feedback spin effect, and finally composited over a back and white (at 30 opacity) grunge/noise background (also created entirely in SYST3M).

Update on SYST3Ms development status:

  1. NEW Motion Detection Module COMPLETE
  2. NEW Image Players (2, they play images as video stream so that all other modules will work) COMPLETE
  3. NEW Slideshow of image range (random, loop, and palidrone) COMPLETE
  4. NEW Apply Mask as Alpha ALMOST ;)

What is SYST3M?
It's a video art RAD (rapid application development) toolset built in Isadora, the award winning media manipulation software. 
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