Three simple things: to change print designs into web design.

Posted by on 29 March 2015 | Comments

Web design has evolved greatly since I first started working the web in the mid 90's.

At that time we were just learning how top splice images and construct scalable borders in tables.
A large part of the paying work was moving print media to the web, however; it was often just a matter of reproducing it without any specific thought for redesign.

Quickly web design developed its own personality, and it has been redefining itself kever since.

  • Font sizes increased
  • Text became skimmable
  • Pages became deeper interactive canvases (Shockwave, and Flash faded away)

I recently read a nice, quick, and clear article that puts three key design elements into focus, by looking at the differences between print design and web design.
By no means does it cover everything, but it does hit a few important notes that are useful to keep in mind.
Indeed that is why I spent a few minutes to add this blog article.

Well worth a read