Collision Detection: Isadora as a gaming platform?

Posted by DusX on 24 February 2014 | Comments

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Using only native Isadora shape elements, freeframe fxs and logic (more on this later HERE)..
This video uses real-time collision detection to control a number of display attributes.
You can see both the Orb change in color and size when the collision between it and the floating Rect is true, as well as; the Rect it self changes.

Due to some motion blur and video feedback on the Orb, the effect is not always instant, however; the Rect reacts each and every-time at the moment of a detected collision.
Does this mean that Isadora could be used as a game development platform? I think the quick answer is no, there are much better game development platforms available, however; it could be done. With what I learned from this quick test I am sure that a simple game of pong could be put together in an evening, and I am confident that much more complex things could be accomplished with a little effort.
I can see how this will become a useful tool in my Isadora development.

Side-note: Trying to quickly create a video loop after whipping up this video from my test patches, I failed; so there is now a little dis-congruency in the center of the video.. You may see a similar post in the near future as a seem-less loop (hopefully).

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