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videoFXofTheWeek #3

Posted by DusX on 29 November 2012 | Comments

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This the third installment is the outcome of my experimenting with some new features provided in the latest pre-release of Isadora.
Using the new 3D output feature of the Isadora f25 pre-release, this effect was my first experiment with this new version.  It is generated entirely within Isadora using a 3D particle emitter that creates a starting point for a number of other effects (too many to list). 
My original render of this live effect was made at 1024x768 and looks fantastic. I will be rerendering this one at 1080p ASAP, however; rendering caused me some trouble, and actually caused me to submit a bug report. Just something small, and I am sure it will be fixed for the final releast.
This effect being very CPU intensive I eventually set Isadora to render at 1/10th the regular frame rate so that my quad i7 laptop could keep up.

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Dream Factory

Posted by DusX on 31 October 2012 | Comments

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Media Installation

A long dark hall connects 2 dance floors. Its a Halloween party, and creatures slowly flow down the hall. A mix of laser, UV, video, and amber light organically fills the space.
 I just completed this installation a couple days back. It incorporated control of 3 DMX fixtures (1 being a 12 channel blue laser), live video capture, live video analysis (color levels, and intensity), generated video layers, and custom pre-rendered/mixed footage.
Before I say much more about the installation, I just want to thank the Suma crew for getting me involved. As always you are great people to work with.

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DMX intesity via OSC

Posted by DusX on 6 December 2011 | Comments

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The user actor / Isadora patch that I have created was originally developed as one re-usable component for interfacing my Isadora video SYStem to LightJams. LightJams is an amazing visual authoring environment for creative lighting display and control. It supports DMX, art-net, Wii, OSC, Midi, Video analysis, Audio analysis, and much more.. For you to follow along with my instructions you will need to have LightJams installed (sorry Windows only). You can install the demo version for the purposes of testing this actor/patch. Also if you have not yet you will need to have Isadora (latest version) installed as well.

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Video Sequencer

Posted by DusX on 22 October 2011 | Comments

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What is a video sequencer?
In our case it will be a module that is loosely modeled on a hardware drum machine. I will walk you through the building this software module in Isadora. At the end you will have a fully functional video sequencer / stepper that you can add to your own projects.

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