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TCPIP bridge : early stages

Posted by Ryan Webber on 1 December 2015 | Comments

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Over the past few months, I have needed a few extras from some of my interactive media projects.
Since most of my work is done within the Isadora media control software, I started looking for ways to add features to the system in an easy and extensible fashion.
Python being a fast and powerful language; as well as, a language I enjoy working in seemed to be a natural option for creating features.. but how to integrate it with Isadora.

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pro tip 2 : JS tips

Posted by DusX on 7 May 2015 | Comments

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js closure izzyactors

What this blog post shows you is how to create a Initialization within a Javascript actor in Isadora. By re-defining the Main function within the Main function. I also include a nice little method of adding simple debugging within your JS code inside Isadora.

** Although this method offers a clean way of defining variables outside the main() function. It is often easiest to define variables in the outer most scope to treat them as Global. EG: "myGlobal = 6;" as the very first line of code (outside any functions) would set a global called myGlobal equal to 6.

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Isadora V2 Learning Resources

Posted by DusX on 5 May 2015 | Comments

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DX izzy resources

Since the introduction of Isadora V2, there has been a demand for new learning resources. The Troikatronix staff (including myself) have worked hard on creating new overviews/tutorials to get users up and running with the powerful new features as quickly as possible. Here I am compiling a list of resources that I use.. official and other.  More may be available in the official Knowledge Base.

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nanoKontrol2 actor

Posted by DusX on 27 December 2014 | Comments

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korg nanokontrol2 midi control

The Korg nanoKontrol2 midi controller is a popular, low cost, portable midi controller that is perfect for use with Isadora.
Why? because it offers the Isadora artist numerous types of controls that can be easily connected to nearly anything in Isadora, and since Isadora supports up to 6 input and 6 output midi ports, the controller can easily be controlled by Isadora.

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JS collision detection 2D

Posted by DusX on 29 August 2014 | Comments

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js CollisionDetection

In a previous post, I embedded a video of a particle animation generated by a few generated wave forms, and a morphing rectangle. The particle would react everytime it came in contact with the rectangle. At the time of making the post I could not disclose how the collision detection was done, and it could have easily been done using the standard logic actors that have been available in Isadora for years, but it was not; it was created using the new Javascript actor.

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Faster than Night

Posted by DusX on 14 August 2014 | Comments

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ftn hud

Back in April 2014 I was asked to become involved in the production of 'Faster than Night'.
I met with a couple of the people involved in the production of the play and decided it was a good fit for me, and for the use of the beta version of Isadora (Isadora 2.0)
My role: Interactive AV design, system integration, and Isadora Pro user

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Event - Saturday February 22nd

Posted by on 27 February 2014 | Comments

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Live mixing video captured via a Canon DSLR camera connected to my computer via USB. Using ExtraWebCam as the camera interface, 3 different camera resolutions are listed in the Live Feed section of Isadora. It is then a simple matter of using the correct actor in Isadora to allow you to feed the live video as past of your video composition.

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