SYSt3m v.49 screencapture

Posted by DusX on 11 February 2012 | Comments

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Just a quick screen capture of SYSt3m 0.49 running. Switching between presets, and rendering the mix and effects via live audio.

I am currently working out a few last details before offering it to the public as a free VJ software.
In this video you can see a number of effects being used on between 2-4 videos.
The first and last effect chains shown are audio driven. The Black and white grid is being having fish-eye distortion applied via one audio frequency (data channel #231) and the mix of the video sequencer and kaleidoscope FX are being controls by another audio frequency (data channel #230)
Each module works by inputting or outputting data on channels that are specified by number.
Also any module that deals with video also selects an input and/or output numerically.
The 2 rows of digits located center top that range 1 thru 20 indicate active video channels.

Take a look at a more complete list of features.

The background sound that is controlling the video is coming in via my laptop speakers, so the quality is pretty low, if you would like to hear more work by the artist please visit: