Event : SubSpace Saturday February 22nd

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Live mixing video captured via a Canon DSLR camera connected to my computer via USB. Using ExtraWebCam as the camera interface, 3 different camera resolutions are listed in the Live Feed section of Isadora. It is then a simple matter of using the correct actor in Isadora to allow you to feed the live video as past of your video composition.

I used the shape actor to create an ellipse as the frame for both the live video, and a slide show of images supplied by the event organizer. Depending on what was happening on stage I would mix between the two center elements. ssrope5
It might be worth noting that the slideshow uses a custom user actor that was developed as part of my SYST3M framework. Adding it to the show took approximately 10 mins. One minor issue was apparent, and this was that since the images supplied for the slide show are not of matching width and height dimensions they were being scaled unusually, so now the SlideShow module contains an element that adjusts the images proportionally and mattes them to the stage background.
The following images should make it clear when the center ellipse is live vs slideshow.
Of course the entire show design was built with Isadora, and not only used the slideshow modules from SYST3M, but a number of other framework modules where dropped in, as well; corresponding parts of the User Interface.ssrope3ssrope1ssrope2ssrope4
One last fun piece.. the stage show was poorly lit. Actually the performances had no dedicated lighting at all. I didn't bring any DMX fixtures with me, so I could quickly program in some DMX controls, but my projector could hit a larger area than that of just the stage screen area. I decided to scale the screen projections down to using only a partial area of the Isadora stage (video canvas) and add a couple light shape actors that would be displayed in the 'black out' areas of the Isadora stage, so that they would appear on the stage as performance spot lights. This made for a easily controlled lighting system for the stage performances.