Spout - windows video sharing : similar to Syphon on Mac

Posted by DusX on 6 May 2014 | Comments

Its true, most video artist working on the windows platform have been jealous of the Mac only video sharing technology called Syphon for a few years. We all heard rumors, saw threads, sites, and github pages that had the beginnings of what was aptly named Wyphon. Just a few days ago, quietly under the radar, a new project was made public, Spout. Spout is OpenGL video sharing for Windows.

Wyphon, started as a texture sharing extension made for vvvv, and supporting DirectX. Although very exciting for those working in a DirectX environment, I must admit I felt left out. For one Isadora uses OpenGL, and so do most other video environments.
Spout comes with FreeframeGL [FFGL] plugins that make it dead easy to setup video sharing with any software that supports FFGL. Read my new tutorial on using Isadora 2 with spout.
It also sports samples for Processing, for Max/Msp, VIZZable [modules for Ableton Live], openFrameworks, and Cinder. Also incredibly useful is a Virtual Webcam that receives the current Spout feed.

There are still some issues. Spout relies on interop extensions developed by nVidia to share textures on the GPU. These interop extensions are not supported by all video cards, not even all nVidia cards, also another nVidia technology called optimus (that allows switching between CPU embedded GPU's and those found on the video card). Because of these irregularities between video card support, I today started a thread in the Spout forum asking members to post information about their video cards.
[UPDATE] - I have recently heard that these problems are soon to be no more, we should hear more on this soon - Fall 2014 ;)

I was lucky enough to get in touch with the developers while they worked out a number of Spouts features. I was able to get in early and contribute as a tester... On this tip I am happy to say that this post will be expanded soon with some pretty exciting news!
[UPDATE] Isadora v2 released with FFGL + SPOUT support.

In the meantime.. head over to GET SPOUT.