Share video between PC and Macs : with TCPSpout and TCPSyphon

Posted by DusX on 30 November 2014 | Comments

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The other day I quickly posted to the Isadora forum about a new video sharing tool I came across.
TCPSpout by Techlife, extends the great Spout video sharing system to allow transferring the video textures over a network.
What this means, is now there is an advanced system for sharing video between computers, and operating systems.
Yes, you can now share video from a PC to a Mac, and vice versa.

It looks great, although I haven't yet had reason to test it out. The feedback I have heard is that latency is reasonable.
I hope to give it a test soon to really get a sense of how and when it might be usable.

To share video between a PC and a Mac, you will need to use both TCPSpout and TCPSyphon.
Both these pieces of software are licensed under a Simplified BSD software license. Thats great news.