ShaderLoader : use GLSL Sandbox and ShaderToy via FFGL

Posted by DusX on 26 January 2015 | Comments

ShaderLoader is a FFGL (freeframeGL) plugin that works with all FFGL host applications (like Isadora V2).
It allows you to use beautiful shader effects from sites like GLSL Sandbox or ShaderToy; as well as, use your own custom shaders in these host programs.


shaderloader canvas crop

Shaders running inside Isadora V2

ShaderLoader, is still in Pre-release, but my testing has shown it to be rather stable in use with Isadora V2.
I currently have over 200 shaders that run perfectly. Full HD (1080p) at 30 of 60 FPS

ShaderLoader is brought to you by the same great people that have brought you Spout, and like Spout it is Windows only.  

shaderloader FFGL plugin