Pro Tip : use 'User Actor On/OFF' to simulate enterscene

Posted by DusX on 7 February 2015 | Comments

In my work with Isadora, one of the most important actors for optimizing a patch is the 'User Actor On/Off' actor.
It allows you to shut down complex sections of your patch, telling Isadora not to process that segment, and saving you critical CPU cycles.
During the design and build of Syst3m, this actor was used to allow the highly modular design of the software to run incredible efficiently by only processing modules that were active.
But did you know you can place this 'User Actor' specific actor in the root of your scenes' patch to aid you in your programming?

Isadora pro tip simulate EnterScene

The 'User Actor On/Off' actor is not available to you via any of the standard menus/options when you are not inside a User Actor, however; you can copy it from inside an 'User Actor' and paste it to the root of your scene.
WHY? because it allows you to simulate an 'Enter Scene' while looking at you patch.
This is incredibly important when working on complex logic, and will improve your patching speed dramatically. You no longer need to click off and back on the scene to watch the patches behaviour during this important first moment of scene load.
Simply switch the actor to OFF, and you scene is deactivated, and manually switch it back ON, to see the enterscene process.
Its also important to mention that this behaviour is true within specific 'User Actors' as well.. allowing you to 'enterscene' while looking at the internals of any level of user actor.