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Scary, a Ouija board that spells out messages on its own.
Having used this Isadora patch a few times for the Bazaar of the Bizarre [Halloween editions], a fun alt artisan show that my clothing company Plastik Wrap hosts a few times a year.. I decided its about time I make a blog post about it.
The patch originally used a great custom plugin coded by djinoui a member of the Troikatronix forum, it worked great, but as an exercise I ported the SpiritBoard patch over to using the new JavaScript feature with an external JSON file for configuration.

There are 3 primary sections to the patch, 1 that reads the file and spits out each letter when triggered, the 2nd controls the animations of the pointer, and the 3rd records the progress (and the text string shown).
The flow is something like:

  1. read out char from text
  2. start animation for the char (a-z + 0-9, plus a few control chars added for effects)
  3. Animation triggers the recorder to add the current letter to the display string.
  4. Animation is complete, tell recorder
  5. recorder checks its status and when ready triggers new char
  6. Back to start


 For the Halloween Bazaar 2013, I created this first version of this patch to help carry the theme of the event. In the image below you can see the Ouija running live on stage, where it read out custom halloween messages, as well as; messages provided by our vendors. Subliminal advertising?? In any case it was a lot of fun.


The event was a huge success, to see more I suggest you visit the Event page on facebook, many more images of the event where posted throughout the day. As I said the theme for this Bazaar revolved around the SpiritBoard. Below is the flyer I put together for the event.


This years Bazaar we used the Day of the Dead [Dia de los Muertos] as a theme, however I still used this patch as additional decorating.

I have decided I will offer to render videos (like the one embedded at the top of this post) for the low price of...
$20 CAD + $0.50 per character with a max of 3 lines (max chars per line shown in above video)
Note: the video comes in 1 resolution (1024 x 768)

If you are interested please contact me directly.