Lightshow : a small DMX video matrix

Posted by DusX on 13 February 2013 | Comments

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Haven't done as much work on SYSt3m lately because my spare time has been spent working on a light show for a local musical artist [Ayria]. The project is meant to be easily packed/shipped by a touring band and needs to be developed with a lot of flexibility, as well as; simplicity.

screengrabMy solution is one very flexible scene, one that I can copy for each tracking being performed. By simply adjusting params being fed to the playback/fx/dmx units via the time aware units, I can create a custom version on the FX sequence for each track being performed. The project uses a number of actors/modules from SYSt3m, as you might expect, and relies heavily on Broadcast and Listen actors to keep the project clean.

The most important/impressive part of the project is a simple 3:4 video block. Here I can select the color of each of 12 video screen sections, creating a image for video processing [eg. the 3 left most sections create a vertical bar of the selected color/s]. In the image included in this post, the top row is set black, the center horizontal bar is set fuchsia, and the bottom black. I have labelled this section '3:4 image input', beside this is a visual representation of the DMX output, and to the right of this is the current video status (right before being converted to DMX values, they are in the wrong order in the UI right now). The video FX being applied is a vertical slide/scroll, therefore; the fuchsia center bar is shown sliding off of the top video frame. This partial Fuchsia translates to a darkened fuchsia for the DMX output.

The DMX values are being transmitted using my SYSt3m DMX actor, and as a note I suggest never setting the Hz threshold higher than 40 (I will update the actor to disallow this in the near future), as well I have added measure to decrease this value to 15 if the patch starts to run slow... this seems to greatly stabilize the patch when under heavy strain.

I will be doing a product review on the Microh LED bar V2's that I am working with once I get a chance, as well as; posting more on this project including some video segments.  Always more to come ;)