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The Korg nanoKontrol2 midi controller is a popular, low cost, portable midi controller that is perfect for use with Isadora.
Why? because it offers the Isadora artist numerous types of controls that can be easily connected to nearly anything in Isadora, and since Isadora supports up to 6 input and 6 output midi ports, the controller can easily be controlled by Isadora.

korg nanokontrol2 midi control

To make it even easier for Isadora users to get setup with the nanoKontrol2 I am releasing my custom user actor that allows instant full control of the device within Isadora.
Isadora user-actors offer reusable, drag and drop functionality within the Isadora environment.

The user actor is built to support:

  • fast and easy setup of all midi controls from nanoKontrol2
  • offers illuminated button states via 2 directional midi communication
  • individual states for all S,M,R buttons (personal choice)
  • grouped control of transport buttons (eg: rewind turns off play, play turns off play)
  • grouped control of track << and >>
  • grouped control of marker << and >>
  • optional input setting sets transport to STOP as default setting.

Using the User actor is very easy, you can use the 'place actor' option from the Isadora menu, or add the actor to your 'Global User Actor Folder'. Once added to you patch, you need only ensure that the 'port IN', and 'port OUT' settings match the settings you have assigned in Isadora for communication with the device (located in the 'Communications/Midi Setup.. dialog)

isadora korg nanokontrol2 patch1

In the above image I show how you can link the output of the midi controller to a graphical user interface component in Isadora's control panel. This allows you to have additional visual feedback on screen showing your hardwares current settings. Very helpful if working in a dimly lit theater.

The controllers backlit buttons require one additional change be made. You will need to install (if you don't have it already) Korg Kontrol Editor, and load the interface for your nanoKontrol2. You will then need to change the way the device handles the backlit buttons. The default is that the device handles them Internally, we need to switch it to External. The setting is located under Control/Common/LED mode.

korg nanokontrol2 midi settings

Thats pretty much it.... If you have any trouble please feel free to contact me.

 DOWNLOAD nanoKontrol2 user actor

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