FREE video mixer for VJs

Posted by DusX on 6 February 2012 | Comments

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I am thinking to offer my SYSt3m (now at v.48.. still beta) as a Free download (both a standalone playable version and a editable source version).

Please let me know if this is something that would interest you via the comments below.

If there seems to be some interest, I will have to look deeper into what license I can use since a couple freely available components are included. Also, SYSt3m as it stands has a number of Modules specific to items I am using that don't make sense to include in a general offering.. so I will have to reshape it a little to make all parts useful to a wide audience.
The latest version now also includes 2 Mixer elements that can cross fade/mix 2 video layers in MANY different ways, either via manual control or dynamically via any of the data channels (think, audio, midi, LFO etc..) I still have not built a masking module.. but I plan to do this soon. Right now I have been refactoring the system to allow for greater performance, and can happily say that FPS with multiple videos streaming have increased greatly and stability is much better. The only real problem I have with performance seems to come from some FreeFrame effects, so it becomes a users choice issue at this point.

Screen Grab of SYSt3m v.31

Anyway, SYSt3m V.50 could be ready to play with in a week give or take, if I see enough interest. Watch a video of a recent update to this VJ SYSt3m.

UPDATE: SYSt3m V0.5 ALPHA has been released.