Dream Factory - media installation

Posted by DusX on 31 October 2012 | Comments

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Media Installation

A long dark hall connects 2 dance floors. Its a Halloween party, and creatures slowly flow down the hall. A mix of laser, UV, video, and amber light organically fills the space.
 I just completed this installation a couple days back. It incorporated control of 3 DMX fixtures (1 being a 12 channel blue laser), live video capture, live video analysis (color levels, and intensity), generated video layers, and custom pre-rendered/mixed footage.
Before I say much more about the installation, I just want to thank the Suma crew for getting me involved. As always you are great people to work with.

OK, so the installation was setup within a couple hours (not including pre-production) and ran the entire length of the event
The footage unfortunately was shot on my cell phone as I was too busy with the installation to remember anything better (manual focus would have been great) so the laser after-burn on the Glow screen is not very apparent in the video.

In building the show I was able to work out some DMX bugs I had and almost now have an generic DMX mapping interface, so I expect the next release of Syst3m should sport this as a new feature.
Also a few other goodies will be included, most notably; a Data Math Module, a Data Scale Module, and the Big one a Motion Detection Module (using frame Differences)
I am also looking at dropping the video delay modules and including this functionality in the FX modules.. maybe adding a 4th FX module. Since the FX modules allow for up-to 5 numeric data feeds and 1 video Feed (thinking about adding a second optional one) These modules are likely to expand a lot. For this installation I created a new FX that required no video in, but rather generated a blast of animated lines once one of the inputs reach a defined threshold. I think that this will become something I will be doing more of.
More 3D features and a Picture Player are also to come ;)
In any-case this project was a great test of using Syst3m not as a live performance tool but rather as a framework/tool-set. I patched a number of time and parameter based conditions between the core modules and was able to create a very well paced yet organic feeling playback engine.
If you are interested in hiring me for an event, stage-show or other multimedia project, please feel free to contact me here.