DMX output: Enttec and ultraDMX pro support

Posted by DusX on 1 December 2012 | Comments

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Today I am happy to release version 1.0 of a new Isadora user actor, that I plan to maintain and upgrade.
The 'SYST3M - UltraDMXpro 2 universe - Enttec 1 Universe' actor is part of my SYST3M project, but I feel it may be useful separately to Isadora users.

Quickly the features of the patch are:
  1. Send DMX data to 1 universe using standard Enttec compatible devices
  2. Send 2 universes of DMX data to UltraDMX pro devices
  3. Control data transfer speed via the 'Update Fequency' setting [max or constant rate]
  4. Resource saving via 'Auto Trigger Rate' feature. This feature minimizes the number of serial messages sent if the number of DMX message received are below the threshold Hz. You can think of this as a governor. This feature can be turned off, in which case serial data is transmitted at a constant rate defined by the 'Update Fequency'.


Example 2 universe setup [requires UltraDMX pro hardware]

Example 1 universe Enttec Usage [requires Enttec usb pro compatible hardware]

Note that UltraDMX pro hardware can be used in 2 universe mode, as well as; Entecc 1 universe mode.

*The patch builds on work by Craig Alfredson as part of the Digital Video Illumination project at the University of British Columbia, Canada.
Who first released the required settings for communicating with Enttec devices to the Isadora community via the official forums.

Download [right click and select save as] the Entecc / UltraDMX pro 1 or 2 universe Isadora actor.