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nanoKontrol2 actor

Posted by DusX on 27 December 2014 | Comments

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korg nanokontrol2 midi control

The Korg nanoKontrol2 midi controller is a popular, low cost, portable midi controller that is perfect for use with Isadora.
Why? because it offers the Isadora artist numerous types of controls that can be easily connected to nearly anything in Isadora, and since Isadora supports up to 6 input and 6 output midi ports, the controller can easily be controlled by Isadora.

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TCPSpout - networked video sharing

Posted by DusX on 30 November 2014 | Comments

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SpoutLogoNoTitle 150x150

The other day I quickly posted to the Isadora forum about a new video sharing tool I came across.
TCPSpout by Techlife, extends the great Spout video sharing system to allow transferring the video textures over a network.
What this means, is now there is an advanced system for sharing video between computers, and operating systems.
Yes, you can now share video from a PC to a Mac, and vice versa.

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ouija board

Posted by DusX on 31 October 2014 | Comments

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ouija 1lrg

Scary, a Ouija board that spells out messages on its own.
Having used this Isadora patch a few times for the Bazaar of the Bizarre [Halloween editions], a fun alt artisan show that my clothing company Plastik Wrap hosts a few times a year.. I decided its about time I make a blog post about it.
The patch originally used a great custom plugin coded by djinoui a member of the Troikatronix forum, it worked great, but as an exercise I ported the SpiritBoard patch over to using the new JavaScript feature with an external JSON file for configuration.

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JS collision detection 2D

Posted by DusX on 29 August 2014 | Comments

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js CollisionDetection

In a previous post, I embedded a video of a particle animation generated by a few generated wave forms, and a morphing rectangle. The particle would react everytime it came in contact with the rectangle. At the time of making the post I could not disclose how the collision detection was done, and it could have easily been done using the standard logic actors that have been available in Isadora for years, but it was not; it was created using the new Javascript actor.

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Faster than Night

Posted by DusX on 14 August 2014 | Comments

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ftn hud

Back in April 2014 I was asked to become involved in the production of 'Faster than Night'.
I met with a couple of the people involved in the production of the play and decided it was a good fit for me, and for the use of the beta version of Isadora (Isadora 2.0)
My role: Interactive AV design, system integration, and Isadora Pro user

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selling Max 6

Posted by DusX on 16 May 2014 | Comments
dx max6logo

I have a license for MAX 6 + Gen that I am looking to sell.
New this license combination retails from Cycling 74 for $499 USD.
I will part with this license for you only $350... saving you $149 USD.

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SPOUT - video sharing

Posted by DusX on 6 May 2014 | Comments
SpoutLogoNoTitle 150x150

Its true, most video artist working on the windows platform have been jealous of the Mac only video sharing technology called Syphon for a few years. We all heard rumors, saw threads, sites, and github pages that had the beginnings of what was aptly named Wyphon. Just a few days ago, quietly under the radar, a new project was made public, Spout. Spout is OpenGL video sharing for Windows.

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Web API's in Isadora: part 1

Posted by on 13 March 2014 | Comments

What is a web API?
Web API's are sets of communication channels that are defined by a web application/service for the input and output of data. API strictly means: application programming interface.
Using web API's we can interact with data from a web service. View the latest Twitter post, or check how many people like your Facebook page. Really the possibilities are huge, and I am not here to try to suggest cool ways to use web data with Isadora, but rather to introduce the Isadora actors required to communicate with an API.

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