Chauvet LED Shadow - TFX-UVLED

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Review of LED Shadow

 The LED Shadow is a low cost (less than $200) light fixture with Manual, Auto, and Sound active modes. It is toted as a UV (blacklight) and although the fixture outputs a lot of Ultra Violet light, there is also a lot of visible blue and purple light, so I think it doesn't really qualify as a blacklight.

 LED Shadow by Chauvet



Pro & Cons:

Pros: Cons:
low price point no power switch
nice wide wash short reach
solid construction difficult to adjust on clamp
power in and out poor DMX documentation
good sound response Dip switches not flush with casing








Product Features:

  • 3-channel DMX-512 LED UV blacklight
  • Blackout/static/dimmer/strobe
  • Adjustable flash rate, dimmer and static in stand-alone via dipswitches
  • Built-in automated programs via master/slave or DMX
  • Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX



Manufacturer Specifications:

  • DMX channels: 3
  • DMX connectors: 3-pin
  • Light source: 192 (UV) LEDs
  • Strobe rate: 0 - 14 Hz
  • Coverage angle: 28°
  • Wavelength: 405nm
  • Power linking: 43 units @ 120 V / 74 units @ 230 V
  • Input voltage: Auto-ranging 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Power and current: 12 W, 0.1 A @ 120 V 60 Hz
  • Power and current: 11 W, 0.1 A @ 230 V 50 Hz
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs (2.2 kg)
  • Size: 14 x 9.8 x 6.5 in (356 x 248 x 165 mm)
  • Approvals: CE



My Usage:

In the top most image (the box) you can see that it has been roughed up a bit, this is because its getting used ;) also because after adding a American DJ clamp to the unit it now longer fits correctly, this has caused the closure to tear: nothing I fault Chauvet for just an observation.
I should say that I have used this fixture only a handful of times to date. I have used it both entirely in Sound activated and manual modes for long durations (12 hours plus), as well as; controlled via DMX (also 12 hour events).
When using the fixture in sound and manual settings, I was in environment's where I did not have a lot of time to watch the unit perform. I was never the less very happy with the general feeling created by the fixture. The wide angle of the light coming from the fixture was perfect for my use in creating a UV glow merchandising area, and I will be able to use it in this capacity many more times I am sure.

When used in DMX mode, I was entirely unable to activate a 'strobe' effect from the presets. I was able to switch modes (different presets), and some faded in and out, but nothing was what I would call a strobe effect. I actually created a timed strobe effect of my own by sending On/Off DMX values (channel 3 intensity with Channel 1 set to 10 - full on) from Isadora. Having now spent some time looking again at the unit, I see that the DMX data listed on the back of the unit (screened on) has some detail the manual did not.. so I will have to give the built in strobe another go.


One problem I have had is that the side adjustment nuts (plastic wing nuts) are very hard to get tight enough to hold steady, and with the wall hang brackets and pipe clamps all in place they are difficult to reach/tighten when positioning the unit. I am planning to remove the wall hang bracket because I will never use them and they cause me nothing bet head aches right now (should be simple, only 4 screws).
The front clear acrylic lens is reasonable, however; if placed in a heavy bass region you can expect a fair bit of rattle.
The last physical annoyance I have with the unit is that the DIP switches sit back from the casing, making them a little harder to reach.
On the positive side the unit is light, and the DMX and power in and out sockets are well placed and easy to use.
The light from the unit is not long reaching. I knew this buying the unit, and expected an unfocused wide wash, and that is what I got, so happy. Do not purchase this unit if you want to use it for anything like a spot.
DMX on the unit seems to respond well. Fading seems rather smooth. The built in presets are nice, but I did find myself wanting better 'strobe' functions (this may simply be poor documention).


Good features other than the lack of real 'strobe' presets. The side mount tightening nuts could be improved, I expect that I will need to figure something out to strengthen them after a few setup/tear-down cycles.

Ease of Use:

Fairly easy to use. Improved DMX documentation would be nice (sucks having to go thru each DMX value and creating a chart of what the presets are). DIP switches could be made more flush with the unit, in turn making them easier to reach and set.


Problems aside, this unit is well worth the money, and appears to be diverse enough to suite many different event requirements.