White Room Event

Posted by DusX on 20 February 2014 | Comments

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event whiteroom

Using a custom midi controlled Isadora show, I triggered and mixed a series of pre-developed real-time video composites. The show was designed with one common element between all scenes, a additive red bar that would pan horizontally to the rhythm of the music.
I used this red saturation as a trigger for 2 DMX par cans with red gel filters, that would activate anytime the color the corresponding side was within range.. giving the effect of extended projection reach.. or at least a larger stage space.

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videoFXofTheWeek #9

Posted by DusX on 29 June 2013 | Comments

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Week 9.
Here is my first attempt at using a new Isadora user actor to create random organic motion (Drifter. available HERE). 
Basically settings are allowed to drift between an upper and lower threshold at changing rates. In this video you can see the lines and corner units of the floating polygon all drift. Also many other elements including the dot tunnel, and the 3ds cube with video texture being rendered realtime.
This original experiment has now inspired a series of Drifting compositions.

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Dream Factory

Posted by DusX on 31 October 2012 | Comments

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Media Installation

A long dark hall connects 2 dance floors. Its a Halloween party, and creatures slowly flow down the hall. A mix of laser, UV, video, and amber light organically fills the space.
 I just completed this installation a couple days back. It incorporated control of 3 DMX fixtures (1 being a 12 channel blue laser), live video capture, live video analysis (color levels, and intensity), generated video layers, and custom pre-rendered/mixed footage.
Before I say much more about the installation, I just want to thank the Suma crew for getting me involved. As always you are great people to work with.

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Alpha Release

Posted by DusX on 29 August 2012 | Comments

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This is the First ALPHA release of my Isadora based video mixer and AV performance toolset.

The first and most important thing to note about this release is that it requres Isadora prelease version 1.3.0f24
It does not run with the most recent prelease version 1.3.0f25 (found in the forums) on windows, I am working on this.

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Amazing VJ tools

Posted by DUsX on 23 April 2012 | Comments

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If you are like me, you are still using a windows machine and are becoming frustrated by the massive number of new Mac applications for VJs, and you are wondering what is available for your windows PC. I am going to try to pull all the best windows video and interactive development resources I can find together in one place, I have come across some great tools during my search for a windows equivalent to Syphon, I you know of one PLEASE let em know.

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Posted by DusX on 12 April 2012 | Comments

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Here is a little drawing tool that uses video feedback loops to create sustained images, inspired by a patch/post I came across in the Isadora forums, this tool combines a number of units from my soon to be released  Video SYSt3m.  I will be expanding on this drawing tool to allow variable mapping to match other modules in the SYSt3m framework. In the meantime this tool includes an FX module that can have the variables controlled/mapped to data from the LFOs. Simply activate the LFO, select an output channel, and enter that channel number in the chan column beside the variable data row (V1 etc.) I would love to get some feedback on this data mapping method.

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