White Room Event

Posted by DusX on 20 February 2014 | Comments

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event whiteroom

Using a custom midi controlled Isadora show, I triggered and mixed a series of pre-developed real-time video composites. The show was designed with one common element between all scenes, a additive red bar that would pan horizontally to the rhythm of the music.
I used this red saturation as a trigger for 2 DMX par cans with red gel filters, that would activate anytime the color the corresponding side was within range.. giving the effect of extended projection reach.. or at least a larger stage space.

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spectacle for Ayria

Posted by DusX on 2 March 2013 | Comments

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As a follow up to last weeks post about the beginnings of a new DMX control matrix, I put together a quick screen-capture. In the video you will hear song by Ayria named Bad List, while working on this project I am using the full (as recorded to CD) versions of the tracks, so that I can set time triggers based on vocal or musical elements. These completed tracks will be replaced for the live show with simplified beat tracks so that the live performers are playing synced to the lighting controls. I will not be on tour with the band, therefore; the project needs to made simple and portable, for this reason I did not want to introduce any additional IO like midi or Open Sound Control.

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Chauvet LED Shadow

Posted by DusX on 6 November 2012 | Comments

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chauvet ledshadow 0

Review of LED Shadow

 The LED Shadow is a low cost (less than $200) light fixture with Manual, Auto, and Sound active modes. It is toted as a UV (blacklight) and although the fixture outputs a lot of Ultra Violet light, there is also a lot of visible blue and purple light, so I think it doesn't really qualify as a blacklight.

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Dream Factory

Posted by DusX on 31 October 2012 | Comments

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Media Installation

A long dark hall connects 2 dance floors. Its a Halloween party, and creatures slowly flow down the hall. A mix of laser, UV, video, and amber light organically fills the space.
 I just completed this installation a couple days back. It incorporated control of 3 DMX fixtures (1 being a 12 channel blue laser), live video capture, live video analysis (color levels, and intensity), generated video layers, and custom pre-rendered/mixed footage.
Before I say much more about the installation, I just want to thank the Suma crew for getting me involved. As always you are great people to work with.

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DMX intesity via OSC

Posted by DusX on 6 December 2011 | Comments

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The user actor / Isadora patch that I have created was originally developed as one re-usable component for interfacing my Isadora video SYStem to LightJams. LightJams is an amazing visual authoring environment for creative lighting display and control. It supports DMX, art-net, Wii, OSC, Midi, Video analysis, Audio analysis, and much more.. For you to follow along with my instructions you will need to have LightJams installed (sorry Windows only). You can install the demo version for the purposes of testing this actor/patch. Also if you have not yet you will need to have Isadora (latest version) installed as well.

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