TCPIP bridge : early stages

Posted by Ryan Webber on 1 December 2015 | Comments

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Over the past few months, I have needed a few extras from some of my interactive media projects.
Since most of my work is done within the Isadora media control software, I started looking for ways to add features to the system in an easy and extensible fashion.
Python being a fast and powerful language; as well as, a language I enjoy working in seemed to be a natural option for creating features.. but how to integrate it with Isadora.

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Web API's in Isadora: part 1

Posted by on 13 March 2014 | Comments

What is a web API?
Web API's are sets of communication channels that are defined by a web application/service for the input and output of data. API strictly means: application programming interface.
Using web API's we can interact with data from a web service. View the latest Twitter post, or check how many people like your Facebook page. Really the possibilities are huge, and I am not here to try to suggest cool ways to use web data with Isadora, but rather to introduce the Isadora actors required to communicate with an API.

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