Best QuickTime codec : for VJing

Posted by DusX on 16 December 2011 | Comments

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Surfing a bit this morning I came across a great article. The article tries to deal with one of the most common questions people have that are getting it Video mixing / VJing.. What Codec to use?

If you are using Quicktime the short answer is Photo Jpeg (pjpeg). I have seen many posts in the forums of Isadora that end on this same note, however; does a great job dissecting the issue with a methodical approach. The results are displayed in an easy to read table that is useful for selecting codecs for a number of purposes.

NEW DEVELOPMENTS, since posting this article a couple things have occurred.

  1. The HAP codec for quicktime. Much like the DXV codec, HAP offers support for ALPHA, and GPU based decompression. Unlike DXV, HAP is OPENSOURCE, however; HAP is currently Mac only A Windows version is being beta tested, is now available.
    AND its now supported for both Mac and PC by my favorite authoring environment Isadora V2
    Detailed comparisons between Photo jpeg, DXV, HAP, and others can be seen on the VDMX release page.

  2. The DXV codec has been released, it is a cross platform quicktime codec, that supports ALPHA and delivers similar image quality as Photo Jpeg. Its performance is interesting; since it was developed by the guys responsible for Resolume, they have added a proprietary performance booster. If you are using the DXV codec within Resolume, you get the added benefit of GPU based decompression, greatly improving the performance of the codec.

What codec/settings are best for native video Playback on a Windows 7/8 machine?
I currently get great FPS using windows video files compressed using Windows Expressions Encoder, but I have very limited features as far as play cycle (forward, backward, loop, palindrome),
well HAP for windows is the answer. If you need to take interactive control of the videos playback, HAP is your codec. With 2 quality levels and an option for alpha support, it is perfect in so many situations.
Still, when I can I use wmv files, since they offer another type of playback optimization, similar to H264 on Mac with AV foundation.